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Co-Mac CAD - this shows the NZ CAD Software Stats:

Design Ideas


Square Gull Wing Lid Opening


Camper Van Bed 6852, 1840, 1841, 6376, 3441


Heavy Trap Door Lid Gas Strut Assisted 6846, 6481


Hidden Access Door 6846, 1840, 6464


Gas Strut Assisted Cabinet Door 1840, 6462, 2124


Kids Toy Box Single Gas Strut Lid 4528, 1841, 6464


How to Use a Double Gas Strut for Heavy Doors


Roof Top Box with Gas Strut Assisted Open 6841, 6354, 1840


Support Arm Using Gas Struts 4795, 6476,6472


How to Calculate Gas Strut Pressure Needed


Gas Strut Angled Gull Wing Lid Opening 76882, 1841, 6354


Gas strut for Pedestrian Gate 536, 2041, 1845, 1844, 6469


5549 Double Door Track Only Aluminium 53.5mm 45kg Load


Cantilever Gate 5441, 5451, 5434, 5453, 5588


Single Door Trolley Kit 5598                         


Gas Strut for Shelf Table 1840,3068, 4529, 6383


How to Use Co-Mac Step Files in Solidworks


Roller Door Lock Eye 5650 and Padlock 5651


05547 Double Door Track and Kit Aluminium 42mm 45kg Load


Gas Strut Assisted Trailer Tailgate


#5005 Drawer Slide and #5364 2 Point Locking Handle


Using Gas Struts for Hidden Whiteboard or Attic Stairs


Cam Lock Handle 2963, 2999, 3688


How to Install a Pantograph Hinge 2887


Low Headroom Fitting


Sliding Door Hook Lock


Hospital Hinge and Panic Exit Latch


Murphy Bed


Gas Strut Storage Bed


Track Exchange Example 1


Track Exchange Example 2

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Are you manufacturing something and building hardware into the design?

Comac’s new online catalogue has the part, along with drawing and step files. That means you can now take our step file, import to your cad system and know exactly what you’re manufacturing.

Check out this video for a walkthrough of how it works:


Just follow these easy steps:

  1. Navigate to your CAD software
  2. Open the saved step file
  3. Insert it into your assembly
  4. Mate all relevant surfaces

Now you can identify all fixture points and any cut outs that may be required.