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Co-Mac CAD

Are You Manufacturing Something and Building Hardware into the Design?

Co-Mac’s new online catalogue has the part, along with drawing and step files. That means you can now take our step file, import to your cad software and know exactly what you’re manufacturing.

You can find the .STEP File for every part, right next to the product code.

  1. To download click on the CAD folder

  2. The model will download as a .STEP File

    Wireframe Model

    Solid Model

    Rendered Model

Now follow these easy steps:

  1. Navigate to your CAD software
  2. Open the saved step file
  3. Insert it into your assembly
  4. Mate all relevant surfaces
  5. Now you can identify all fixture points and any cut outs that may be required.

Watch animation videos of CAD in action

Cantilever Gate

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We surveyed to see what the top CAD Software in New Zealand was, here are the top 5 results:

Disclaimer: These plans and designs are concepts, accurate to the best of our knowledge. Dimensions and designs shown are based on actual working models, however do not constitue a specification. Co-Mac (PN) Ltd take no responsibility in any form whatsoever for the results of the use of these plans, and the user is recommended to conduct their own assessment of the desings, within the requirements of the application.