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New Products

Spring Latch SS

8mm Tri lock Cam Lock 316 Stainless Steel

Large 316 Stainless Steel Lever Cam Lock 115mm

Security Butt Hinge

Rotary Latch LH

Adjustable Leg Stand

Butt Hinge Plain Steel

Heavy Duty Steel Hinge

Keylocking Sliding Door Flush Handle

Offset Cam bars for #3390 T Handles

S/S Cam lock with Padlockable Bracket

Paddle Latch SS Non-locking

Mini Security Cam Lock

Grab Handle Chrome 210mm

Mini Hold Down Latch SS

Key Stainless Steel 8mm Square

Stainless Steel Quarter Turn Compression Latch

Connecting Rod Handle Zinc Alloy M6 Screw

Quarter Turn Wing Knob Compression Latch

Black Sash Lock 73.5mm

Casement Window Latch

Ute Canopy Window Latch

Semi Flush Grab Handle

Cam Clamp Internal Thread

Square to Round Drive Coupling

Mortice Hook Lock SS

19mm Pin Spring Bolt

340ml EPDM Adhesive

Butt Hinges Heavy Duty 316 SS

Grab Handle 316 Stainless Steel

Continuous Hinge 1.5m

Offset Refrigeration Slam Lock

Coolroom Lock

Pulley Wheel 316 Stainless Steel 50mm 400kg

Spring Door Holder Stainless Steel

Fast Fix Hinge Stainless Steel

Hi Temp Trolleys

Linear Slide

Linear Slide

Hold Down Latch Stainless Steel

Aluminium Post Top External 19mm OD

Bifold Door Adaptor Plate

Ball Joint SS

Oval 3 Point Handle Locking

L Handle 3 Point Locking 316 Stainless Steel

3 Point Padlocking Swing Handle Stainless Steel

Rubber Bungs Through Hole

Cross Butt Thru

Top Tee Thru Butt

In-Line Toggle Clamp

Lynch Pin 304 SS

Shear Nuts SS

Snap Latch Galvanised

Rod Strike

Tube Saddle Glide

Spiral Wrap Cabling

Butt Hinge Galvanised

Gas Strut Dust Protector

Gas Strut Safety Shroud

Hinge Adjustment Cam

Hinge Bracket

Rotary Claw Latch

Rectangle Plug 75 x 50mm

Cable Reversal Unit

Lockable Compression Latch SS

Plant On Rotary Latch