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New Products

Non-Corrosive Inside Handle

Adhesive Double Sided Tape

Gun Safe Deadlock NZ Compliant BS 3621:2007

Weld on Mortise for 5008

Grab Handle with Strap

Seal for T Handle

Seal for L Handle


Two Way Vent

Hold Down Latches Horizontal Pull with Safety Release

Concealed Hinge Self Closing

Hinge Mounting Block

Tie Down System

Hold Down Latch with Safety Release

Gravelly Fastener Stainless Steel

Compression Latch Keylocking Flush Lift and Turn

Aluminium Extrusion for Seal

Side Padbolt

Tubular Magnetic Latch

Bulkhead Door Latch IP65

Hanger Bolt

Spring Pin

Keypad Rain Guard

Push Button Sliding Drawer Handle

Remote Actuator Cable Kit

Cable Lock and Tension Kit

Hand Grip Lever

Cable Wire

Cable Outer Casing

Cable End

Outer Casing Cap

Cable Guide

Tension Adjustment Screw

Cable Anchor

Cable Adjuster with Lug

Cable Length Adjustment Screw

Solderless Cable Adjustment Nipple

Cable Adjuster with Nut

Heavy Duty Drawer Slides ZP

Offset Handrail

Weathershield Cover for Large Cam Locks

Wing Handle Cam Lock

Nylon Cam Lock

Bolt On Pipe Clamp

Drawer Slides 100kg

Drawer Slides Full Extension 120kg

2 Wheel Hanger

Door Hold Back with Strike & Interior Handle

Angle Bracket Set

L Bracket for Drawer Slides

Super Heavy Duty Drawer Slide

V Groove Gate Roller

Adjustable Foot Stand

Compartment Vent

Base Cowl Vent

Anti Luce Fastener Bolt On

Angle Iron Cap

Pipe Clamp 316 SS

Sliding Door Guide

Butterfly Vent

Foot Operated Door Holder

Recessed Rope Ring 2500kg

Tilting Drawer Slide

Continuous Geared Hinge

Vandal Resistant Swing Latch

Backing Plate for 3557

Gate Chain Safety Release

5mm Pin Key

Rubber Bush

Lynch Pins 316 SS

Shaft Locking Pins 316 SS

Square Shaft Locking Pins 316 SS

Striker Plate 316 SS

Anti Rattle Button TPR

Curved Top Pipe Plug

Latch Bar 9mm Shaft

Weathershield Cover for 2669

Weathershield Cover for 4053

Soft Close Latch 60mm Backset

Exterior Lock with Interior Handle

Offset Aluminium Extrusion for 1360 Seal

Offset Aluminium Extrusion for 1244 Seal

Guide Roller

Weld On Idler Wheel Assembly

Rubber Body Plug 12mm, 16mm

Door Retaining System

Hinge Gudgeon Strap

Torsion Spring

Mini Nylon Spring Latch

Rubber Castor Cup

Anchor Point Tie Down

M12 Riv Nut

Tailgate Hinge Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty Mounting Bracket

Gate Roller M10

Spring Bolt 316 SS

Split Ring 16mm

Round Plug White 85mm

Round Plug Black 48.5mm

Round Plug Black 50mm

Continuous Hinge 600mm

Rectangle Plug 40x20mm

Recessed Hinge & Pan

Angled Cap White

Chrome Finger Pull

Shouldered Bush

SS Butt Hinge